Jim Kinsey, FPCC, PLCC

 Director, Content

Jim Kinsey, FPCC, PLCC, is the Director of Content and Engagement Strategies at Planetree International, a mission-driven non-profit setting the global standard for person-centered excellence across the continuum of care. Jim has been an invaluable member of the Planetree team since joining the organization in 2010. In his role, Jim participates in the engagement strategies team as they guide clients to implement the Planetree evidence-based Person-Centered Care framework. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, Jim is also responsible for the development and implementation of Planetree programs and services that support the Planetree framework.

Jim is a vigorous advocate for reducing biased care, designing health equitable programs, and enhancing the skills of professionals in the healthcare industry. He has developed multiple programs and workshops to support healthcare providers and staff in implementing meaningful practices that connect them to those they care for and aid in engaging the individuals in their healthcare journey, subsequently reducing bias and disparities. Jim is a sought-after speaker and facilitator and enjoys engaging audiences in provocative conversations that challenge the current healthcare models and advance Authentic Person-Centered Care. 

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