February 13, 2024 - Planetree’s Person-Centered Care Certification® standards have been recognized by the International Society for Quality in Health Care’s External Evaluation Association (ISQua EEA). This marks the first time a set of quality standards for person-centered care has been recognized under this program, further establishing Planetree as the global leader in person-centered care (PCC) standard-setting.

The ISQua EEA provides third-party external evaluation services to health and social care certification and accreditation bodies around the world. This Standards Recognition validates that Planetree’s Certification standards were developed in accordance with international best practice taking into consideration evidence-based guidelines, legislative requirements, expert knowledge and end-user engagement.

“Healthcare organizations around the world turn to Planetree’s Person-Centered Care Certification® standards as the benchmark of excellence and the framework for translating PCC concepts into reality,” said Michael Giuliano, Planetree’s President.  “Our rigorous evaluation process rooted in the lived experiences of patients, families, staff, and the community sends a clear message that our Certified sites have met the highest international standards for person-centered excellence. Similarly, this ISQua EEA Standards Recognition provides assurance to our clients, their patients, staff and communities, Ministries of Health, and other partners that Planetree’s standards align with the highest international benchmarks for excellence. This is another proud accomplishment in Planetree’s 45+ year history demonstrating our unwavering commitment to humanize the care experience for everyone, everywhere, every time.” 

Just as sites applying for Person-Centered Care Certification must provide evidence of quality, systematization of key practices and co-design to earn recognition, Planetree International provided evidence of a rigorous, inclusive and evidence-informed process to demonstrate alignment with the ISQua standards. Learn more about the Certification Program at planetree.org/certifications.

About Planetree

Planetree is a mission-based, nonprofit organization that has partnered with over 800 healthcare organizations across the care continuum in more than 36 countries to transform how care is delivered through person-centered care. The Planetree framework emphasizes what matters most in the human experience of healthcare: caring communication, environments that promote inclusion and belonging, connecting the healthcare workforce to their work’s purpose, and practical strategies for engaging patients, family members, communities and staff as partners. The change methodology relies on engaged leadership, continuous quality improvement, and alignment between PCC values, strategy and actions. These elements have been consolidated into the Person-Centered Care Certification Program®. The program details a structured process for culture change that yields improvements in patient and family engagement, better clinical outcomes, increased staff retention and recruitment, and high value care.

About ISQua

ISQua is a member-based, not-for-profit community and organization dedicated to promoting quality improvement in health care. This is achieved through education, external evaluation, and other activities designed to support health systems worldwide and connect like-minded people through our health care networks.

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