Excellence in Person-Centered Care


Person-centered excellence is achieved at all levels. We offer a suite of certifications designed to advance person-centered care across individuals, teams, and organizations

The Pathway to Person-Centered Excellence


Self Assessment

This comprehensive review of your organization's current state of person-centered care (PCC) processes and practices reviews a broad set of care experience indicators from patient and family engagement practices at the point of care to leadership structures that support co-design. This is a recommended first step for any organization pursuing Person-Centered Care Certification. Findings should be used to guide and direct your PCC actions and improvements.



Planetree will review your application to gain a baseline understanding of your organization and the population served. This information is used to create a Lived Experience Validation (LEV) schedule tailored for your organization.


Lived Experience Validation

Once you are ready for validation, Planetree's team of Certification Specialists will come onsite to observe, engage, and interview stakeholders and review any additional documentation necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organizational culture and the care experience from different perspectives.


Final Evaluation & Celebration

Following an objective review of your organization's application and the findings of our Certification Specialists, the Planetree Certification Committee (an international panel of healthcare executives, nurses, leaders, patient advocates, and policy makers) will make a final determination of your organization's level of Person-Centered Care Certification. Your organization will then be recognized and celebrated for achieving excellence in person-centered care.

Organizational Certification

Person-Centered Care Certification for Organizations

Organizations that have achieved Planetree Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care outperform peers in patient experience measures, exceed benchmarks in quality and safety metrics, and have lower readmission rates. Certification represents the highest mark of achievement for creating an organizational culture that engages patients, families, staff, and community to improve overall health and wellbeing. Be recognized as a leader in person-centered excellence.


Professional Certificate Program

The Person-Centered Care (PCC) Professional Certificate Program provides learners with the necessary knowledge and experience to confidently lead person-centered care implementation efforts. Participants will learn from global subject matter experts, explore the 11 foundational PCC concepts, and put their skills into practice through the completion of a PCC Improvement Capstone Project. Successful participates will earn a Certificate of Completion, along with up to 12-credts toward their Fellow in Person-Centered Care (FPCC) Professional Credential.


The future of person-centered care begins with you!

The PCC Professional Certificate Program is an intensive certificate program for individuals interested in improving healthcare through person-centered care. Participants will gain the knowledge and experience needed to lead person-centered care implementation efforts competently and confidently, completing the program with up to 12 credits toward the prestigious Fellow in Person-Centered Care (FPCC) Credential

FPCC Credential

Person-Centered Care Fellowship

The Fellow in Person-Centered Care (FPCC) is the only professional credential available highlighting your professional track record of person-centered care in action. This structured program recognizes individuals who are bringing person-centered care principles to life around the world, while building creditability, skills, and knowledge.

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Recognition for your personal excellence

Become a Fellow in Person-Centered Care (FPCC)

We believe that one person can make a profound difference in how healthcare is delivered. The Fellow in Person-Centered Care Program returns us to those roots by creating a structured program for recognizing individuals who are bringing person-centered care principles to life around the world.

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