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The challenges you face are the solutions we provide. Planetree partners with organizations to assess, co-design, measure, and celebrate every step in their journey to cultural transformation. Our industry-leading consultants lead with their experience and knowledge, driving measurable and sustainable change that is proven to improve performance across nearly every quality, safety, and experience measure.

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Our core consulting services include

Lived Experience Analysis

No two organizations are alike. Informed by a combination of focus groups, structured observation, interviews, tours, and relevant data, our expert Advisors work to understand your culture through the eyes of your stakeholders. Organizations are then provided targeted recommendations for establishing (or strengthening) the structures, processes, practices, and cultural underpinnings to ensure the organization's person-centered improvement efforts are effective and sustainable.

Compassionate Communication

Now more than ever, empathy, connection, and compassion are essential components of job satisfaction and staff and patient engagement. Evidence has shown that widespread participation in educational experiences designed to promote compassionate communication is often a major turning point in an organization’s culture change effort.

Person-Centered Leadership

Success starts at the top for any organization looking to secure a future of sustainable person-centered excellence.  Our person-centered leadership programs are designed to engage leaders across the organization to align person-centered efforts with strategic priorities.

Inclusion and Belonging

Fundamental to any DEI journey is the education of staff on DEI concepts and an understanding of your organization's current state of healthcare equity. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) services provide organizations with the insights, resources, and training to build and strengthen a true DEIB culture.

PCC Foundational Structures

Implementation of person-centered practices requires intentional effort beyond a single person or department. Rooted in evidence and best practices, our Advisors provide guidance and coaching for establishing and guiding site-based structures to ensure organizational stakeholders are a driving force for person-centered transformation.

Caregiver Wellbeing

In a person-centered organization, everyone is a caregiver. It's a fact that people who feel cared for, and cared about, are empowered to provide more compassionate care to others. From the initial identification of the unique needs of your own caregivers, to building teams powered by trust and appreciation, Planetree provides the expertise needed to create an environment of sustainable wellbeing.

Data, Insights, & Improvements

Like most things, even in person-centered care you can't manage what you cannot measure. Whether through a validated survey to measure your culture of caring or a review of your current surveys and metrics, Planetree's Advisors will help your teams build an understanding of how to track your progress related to your person-centered efforts.

Evidence-Based Patient Preferred Practices

The research is clear: patient and family engaged care improves outcomes and experience. From providing real-time access to medical information to ensuring and preserving family presence, Planetree provides education, training, tools, and resources  to help staff implement proven best practices for every patient, every time.

The coaches bring an incredible perspective.  I love that the coaches have not only been in other organizations, have seen what good is, seen what great is, and are able to come in and bring that perspective and those ideas and inspire our staff that may have been here for 20, 30 years.
Eric Wei, MD
Senior VP and Chief Quality OfficerNew York City Health + Hospitals

Healthcare is person-centered care

Putting people at the center is what healthcare is all about. Building an organizational strategy that ensures each interaction makes caring visible, creates opportunities for engagement, and honors human individuality, is what Planetree is all about.

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