Christy Davies

Director, Certification

Christy Davies is the Director of Certification at Planetree International, a mission-driven non-profit setting the global standard for person-centered excellence across the continuum of care. Christy began working with Planetree’s growing Continuing Care network in 2010, assisting in project coordination and management of various initiatives, including publication of the Long-Term Care Improvement Guide, development of the Quality Profile tool for measurement of resident-centered organizations and expansion of resources for long-term care communities. Christy became Planetree’s Designation Coordinator in October, 2011 and has been supporting organizations on their journey toward Planetree Designation or Tiered Recognition. Her role evolved to Planetree’s Certification Manager and most currently, Director of Certification, as the program grew into Planetree’s Person- Centered Certification Program for Excellence in Person- Centered Care, recognized as the international standard for organizational excellence in person-centered care. Christy works with member and non-member organizations as they undergo the rigorous, yet collaborative, process to validate that their person-centered activities effectively meet the spirit and intent of the Certification criteria. In addition, she provides consultation and coaching services to Planetree members, including organizational and progress assessments, and internal operational support.

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