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Whether you’re just starting out on your person-centered care journey or looking for ways to improve an existing initiative, Planetree is here to help.

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Resources on Person-Centered Care during COVID-19

Tools and resources from Planetree International and Language of Caring to help healthcare leaders continue to provide person-centered care in the midst of the current COVID-19 outbreak.  

Just Released:

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Recent Webinars:  

Preserving Family Presence During Challenging Times: Principles and Practical Strategies (June 16, 2020). An in-depth look into the Person-Centered Guidelines for Preserving Family Presence In Challenging Times, including how leaders at three organizations have implemented balanced approaches to safe, responsible and compassionate family presence.

Going the Extra Mile to Care for our Caregivers (May 28th, 2020). Hear leaders of four different healthcare organizations discuss their different strategies for taking care of their staff and caregivers during COVID-19.

Let's Talk About Person-Centered Care During Pandemics (March 18th, 2020).  Hear leaders from Planetree International and Language of Caring address your concerns and questions about how to maintain a person-centered culture in the midst of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Newly Added Resources:

Resources from the American Nurses Foundation's Well-Being Initiative

Free tools and resources designed to support caregivers’ mental health and well-being:

  • A Going Home Checklist and Arriving Home Safely Tool to support nurses’ and other caregivers’ transitions from the end of a stressful workday to home where they can rest and recover
  • Nurses Together, peer-to-peer video chats for nurses in a safe space to talk openly about self-care and wellness, recovery and resilience, care dilemmas, bereavement and more. Calls are facilitated by a nurse to ensure the discussion remains respectful and supportive.
  • The Happy app, adapted especially for nurses who want to talk one-on-one with a supportive person. Nurses have 24/7, one-on-one access to Support Giver team members
  • The Moodfit app allows nurses to set personal goals related to wellness (like expressing gratitude, exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness) and set up activity reminders around their schedule, and if they desire, track their mood and progress
  • Narrative Expressive Writing is a five-week guided narrative writing program to help nurses process their experiences during the pandemic. Each week, nurses get a prompt on topic for their writing as well as individualized feedback on what they have written.
  • Nurses’ Guide to Mental Health Support Services: an informative guide to help nurses understand when and how to access social and peer support, as well as mental health services and treatment

French Language Resources:  

Additional Resources:

From the Planetree Community: Care for the Caregiver Resources:

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Whether you’re just starting out on your person-centered care journey or looking for ways to improve an existing initiative, Planetree offers certification and consulting services that empower healthcare organizations to make the changes that are best for their patients, staff, and community.

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