Ilkay Baylam, MBA, FPCC

Associate Director, Partner Success

Ilkay Baylam, MBA, FPCC is the Associate Director of Engagement Strategies at Planetree International, a mission-driven non-profit setting the global standard for person-centered excellence across the continuum of care. Ilkay joined Planetree in 2017 as a coach, offering implementation support and guidance to lead healthcare institutions toward a Person-Centered culture. Ilkay is currently managing individual sites within a spectrum of different settings across several countries.

Prior to Planetree, Ilkay worked as a Manager for Patient Centered Care at Anadolu Medical Center (AMC) in Turkey where he oversaw and coordinated the implementation and continued development of AMC’s patient centered care culture. Before this role at AMC, he worked as Operations Supervisor to the President/CEO where he acted as a liaison between the Executive Staff and hospital operations, as well as being the matrix administrator for the Emergency Department. In this role, Ilkay served as the primary liaison for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Ilkay achieved an MBA from Yeditepe University in Turkey, and is an active member of ACHE.

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