Travel Policy

Last updated on 1 November 2023

Planetree Travel Chargeback Policy

Policy Statement

Planetree’s expenses for business travel and other business expenses provided pursuant to a Service Agreement are chargeable to the Client. Planetree will maintain documentation as required by its internal policy and any Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations and will provide Client with a copy upon reasonable request.

Planetree will only submit reasonable, necessary, and appropriate travel and business expenses for payment.

Permitted Expense Types for Chargeback


Allowed Expenses:

  • Hotel accommodations: Standard/corporate room accommodations must be booked.
  • Room upgrades from the accommodation provider permitted only if the upgrade is at no charge or if paid out of pocket by the Planetree consultant.
  • An extra room night to accommodate early arrivals on overnight flights when conducting business / service delivery the following morning. Extra room night(s) as necessary to accommodate flight schedules and/or time zone adjustment > 3 hours
  • Hotel early departure fees.
  • Laundry services only in the event of an unexpected emergency or extended duration (>3 nights).


Allowed Expenses:

  • When the departure and arrival airports are within the continental US, Planetree will reserve coach/economy class level travel at the lowest unrestricted rate. The continental United States refers to the contiguous 48 states and does not include Alaska or Hawaii or any related overseas territories.
  • When either or all the departure and arrival airports are outside the continental US and the total flight time is less than or equal to four (4) hours, Planetree will reserve coach/economy class level travel at the lowest unrestricted rate.
  • When either or all departure and arrival airports are outside the continental US and the total flight time is greater than four (4) hours, Planetree will reserve business class level travel at the lowest unrestricted rate.
  • If there is no incremental cost to Client, Planetree may use personal mileage benefits to upgrade reservations directly with the airline after ticketing.
  • Seat fees when airlines charge a fee to reserve seats.
  • Baggage charges when the airline’s standard practice is to charge for any checked bags.
  • Excess baggage charges when traveling with heavy or bulky materials or equipment required for performance of services or if traveling for longer than three (3) days.

Car Rental

Allowed Expenses:

  • Economical car size to safely accommodate the number of expected passengers.
  • Rental cars are to be refueled before returning the vehicle to avoid higher fuel charges.

Fuel – Diesel / Gas / Petrol

Allowed Expenses:

  • Fuel for rental cars.

Telecommunication – Phone/Internet/ADSL/DSL/WiFi

Allowed Expenses:

  • WiFi charges if free WiFi is not available during travel.
  • Specifically approved home internet in case of pandemic or special scenarios.
  • Mobile phone roaming fees for all days when travelling internationally to facilitate communication with the client for logistics and service delivery arrangements
  • International day rates or other mobile communication fees  related to service delivery outside the consultant’s home country.

Food & Beverage

Allowed Expenses:

  • A per diem meal charge (including non-alcoholic beverages and snacks) are based on actual costs and subject to a maximum meal allowance of up to USD $100 (or country local currency equivalent) per day (including tips, gratuities, room service fees and taxes) when breakfast and lunch are not provided at the client site or hotel. If breakfast and lunch are provided on a specific day, then the maximum meal allowance is USD $65.  This includes all the days for which the Planetree Consultant is travelling for delivery of the contracted service.
  • A tip of up to 15-20% of a meal bill is considered part of this daily maximum meal allowance in countries where tips are customary.

Expenses Not Allowed:

  • Alcoholic beverages

Mileage Reimbursement

Allowed Expenses:

  • Mileage reimbursement when a personal vehicle is used for travel, and for each mile over daily commuting to/from home and office, using Planetree’s local country reimbursement rate.
  • Mileage expenses must include starting point, destination point, dates, business purpose, and miles driven.

Misc. Expense & Incidentals

Allowed Expenses:

  • COVID-19 tests, vaccinations, or other health-related services when required for travel to, or work at, a Client site.
  • Immigration fees (e.g., consular entry visas and/or visa services, immunizations, passports).
  • Visitor health insurance when required for entry into a country

Expenses Not Allowed:

  • Personal credit/debit annual card fees, late charges and/or interest.
  • Any traffic, parking, or other vehicle code or criminal/civil fines or violations.
  • Any insurance (including but not limited to: delayed/lost luggage, medical, personal property, travel accident insurance, AD&D insurance and rental car insurance).
  • Personal health or travel insurance when not required for entry into a country.
  • Loss or theft of personal property.
  • Gym or Health Club memberships.
  • Tipping not related to Meal allowance or ground transportation (e.g., housekeeping,  bellhop, etc.).
  • Travel items (e.g., toiletries, clothing, luggage, briefcases, backpacks, laptop bags and/or carts).
  • Books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Entertainment (e.g., holiday parties, concert tickets, sporting events, and adult venues)

Other Transportation

Allowed Expenses:

  • Other means of transportation for travel (e.g., rail, tube, ferry, taxi, and etc.). to the client site for delivery of contracted services.

Parking & Tolls

Allowed Expenses:

  • Airport parking.
  • Toll bridges and toll road fees while traveling on business.
  • Parking fees.

Shipping Fees / Courier / Printing

Allowed Expenses:

  • Postage/shipping fees.  
  • Printing fees.

Small Office / Computer Supplies

Allowed Expenses:

  • USB or Flash drives if required for the Services being performed at the Client site.

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